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Whether you are interested in guaranteed retirement income or trying to find a more tax-efficient way to save for retirement, BFG offers a broad selection of retirement annuity products created to help you meet your goals and objectives. We will help you explore your options so that you feel more confident about your future.

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We are select providers of AssetLock technology, a portfolio-monitoring system added to client accounts to help protect from downside risk. It works with you and your advisor to monitor your accounts and alerts you when those accounts drop below a pre-determined point.

Remove the uncertainty from investing with AssetLock and Bond Financial Group.

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AssetLock is a portfolio monitoring system, which identifies a clients’ maximum portfolio downside or loss, and indicates that immediate action is required in order to limit losses per clients pre-determined risk tolerance. However, it is not an actual stop loss and may not automatically sell the portfolio securities. Strategic Investment Partners uses the AssetLock Value to discuss if the client/s would like to liquidate the portfolio and move the assets. The clients have the options to change assets into cash, reset the AssetLock percentage, or reallocate to a different risk profile. Making investments involves risk, including the possibility of lost principal. AssetLock cannot guarantee performance. Also, past performance is not indicative of future results.