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Federal Employees

Our Area of Focus

Our federal benefits professionals are trained in different fields of financial planning specifically geared to provide you with options when it comes to your federal benefits. Below are just a few of the topics our benefits counselors can assist with:​

  • TSP Education
  • Benefit Analysis
  • Tax-Free Income
  • FEGLI vs. Private Insurance
  • Social Security Timing
  • Lifetime Income Planning
  • Legacy Planning Strategies
  • LTC Preparation and Insurance

Who Are We?

Federal Employee Benefit Planners is a resource center for federal employees who have questions about their retirement benefits plan. We provide FREE no-obligation benefits planning reviews provided by one of our local federal benefits counselors. In addition to the FREE benefits planning reviews, you will also receive a Federal Employee Benefits Analysis Report. These personalized and exclusive reports help federal employees from all branches and departments navigate through the complicated waters of understanding their benefits options before and at retirement.

The FREE Federal Benefits Analysis Report is the beginning of that journey, and it will be put together by a local federal employee professional and advisor who will customize this personalized report for you at NO COST. We realize that federal benefits can be foggy, so we have developed the tools to help you have clarity and the confidence you’re making the best decisions at retirement. If you’re confused by the lingo, the daunting definitions, and the variations buried within your federal benefits, we can help you maximize your federal benefits and create tax-free retirement strategies.

What We Do

Federal employees need guidance from someone who has their best interest in mind. Our focus is creating a customized plan for federal employees. The process starts with a benefits analysis created using the employee’s retirement criteria. The benefits analysis will outline gaps in the retirement plan, map out thrift savings plan (TSP) growth (based on historical data), and give a comparison of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) and commercial private insurance. Our first priority is to guarantee a lifetime of income for the retiring employee. We take survivors’ benefits options, Social Security timing options, Social Security offsets (when applicable), CSRS or FERS pension options, FEGLI retirement options, and TSP options into account for the individual’s overall, personalized financial plan. ​​Our federal employee benefits counselors conduct FREE Government Benefits Analysis Reports and Reviews personalized for you. Complete the online request form here to take the first step in taking advantage of the benefits we offer at NO COST.